May Moon


May was Thrimilce, or “the month of three milkings,” when livestock were often so well fed on fresh spring grass that they could be milked three times a day. Also pasture month. Flower month and Month of Joy.

Roman May honors the fertility goddesses Maia.


Chinese early Summer: a period of swelling, flowering, brimming with fire and energy

Michael hetherington meridians Heart and Small Intestine

Full moon names

Celtic- Bright moon.
Medieval- Hare moon.
Native American- Flower moon.
Grass moon.
Cherokee – Planting moon.
Southern Hemisphere- Milk moon

Flowers blooming this moon Aquilegia, Bluebells and Dandelions. Hawkbit, Forget-me-not and Red campion

Gemini New moon – 22nd May
moon rising and setting times and phases

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