11 April 2020

My Seasonal Rhythms Blog

Hi, my name is Claire and I live on the side of a hill, overlooking the welsh mountains and valleys just outside Swansea, with my husband, two teenage boys and the two cats that have adopted us. The reason I am I here is that a few years ago I had to do a project for my yoga teacher training, this initially began life titled, “The book of song; coming home whole and singing the song of my soul”. However, by the end of the two year course, when the project was due in, it was clear that I needed to change the second part of the title to, “Listening to the song of my soul and coming home whole”. I value listening deeply, and as a facilitator of Philosophy for children, I spend a lot of time teaching kids about the how and why of good listening. But right now it’s time for me to find My Voice and Sing the song of my Soul. So here it is,