December almanac

December, in the Roman calendar was Ærra Geola or the month “before Yule,” before the feast. 4th New moon in Sagittarius and Solar eclipse 19th Full moon Celtic- Cold moon. Medieval- Oak moon. Native American- Long Nights Moon  Long night moon. Cherokee- Snow moon 21st Winter Solstice – Sun in Capricorn 25th Christmas day 26th Boxing Day


Sagittarius adventures  post menopause Crone freedom A satyr Crotus, son of Pan, pointing arrow at the centre of the universe. Wild, rowdy, lustful creature with little respect for authority and proper manners.   Sagittarius are born to explore explore and their quest for knowledge know no bounds. Knowledge makes them natural creative and entertaining Storytellers  Final Read more about Sagittarius[…]


Monk: What happens when the leaves fall and the trees are bare?Union: The golden Wind, revealed.Hegikan Roku the blue cliff record.Yoga through the seasons Sandra sabatini,In Buddhism the Golden Wind is a metaphor for the reality that you can only experience and which we call God.  From the end nov 26th or beginning of advent midway Read more about Winter[…]