The peace of wild things – Wendell Berry

The Peace of Wild Things” Written and read by Wendell BerryListen When despair for the world grows in meand I wake in the night at the least soundin fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,I go and lie down where the wood drakerests in his beauty on the water, and the great Read more about The peace of wild things – Wendell Berry[…]

Naked Voice – Awakening through sound

Liberate Yourself Through Sound [online] Resilience, Radiance, Remembrance Facilitator: Chloe Goodchild Chloe’s unique approach weaves a lifetime of inspirational stories, ancient spiritual knowledge, and cutting-edge science give you a unique experience of sound as the ground of consciousness, sourced from silence.  This three-part course offers a wonderful opportunity to discover your own authentic voice; Read more about Naked Voice – Awakening through sound[…]

Plastic Everyday Plastic Survey Let the collecting commence!From the moment you woke up this morning until the minute you go to bed on Sunday, you’ll be collecting every piece of plastic waste your household creates this week as part of The Everyday Plastic Survey. We hope you’ve all had a chance to watch last Thursday’s Read more about Plastic[…]

The Water Cycle and Climate change As temperatures rise, evaporation increases and soils dry out. When rain does come,it often falls as a violent downpour that doesn’t do much to help crops or other plants. Instead of gently soaking into the soil, the water hits very hard ground and runs off, often causing disastrous flooding before draining into rivers and Read more about The Water Cycle and Climate change[…]

The Return

For a moment we hover at the Peak, the pinnacle, the turning point. And then the seasons turn once more. The sun begins to waneImperceptibly at first, the morning and then the evening, quietly begin to draw in. The slow descent into winter begins. So here we are. The hum of the distant motorway is Read more about The Return[…]