Swimming through sunlight

Ox-eye daises and honeysuckle flowers Bonfires, marshmallows and sleeping under the stars. rats and cats. strawberries, blueberries and banana pancakes. bacon on a breakfast campfire Hammocks slung between trees so completely rooted, solidity from the mossy trunk rising up out of the grassy moundtaking my weight as a swing.The Ash trees have made it into Read more about Swimming through sunlight[…]

May Moon

May May was Thrimilce, or “the month of three milkings,” when livestock were often so well fed on fresh spring grass that they could be milked three times a day. Also pasture month. Flower month and Month of Joy. Roman May honors the fertility goddesses Maia. Beltane Chinese early Summer: a period of swelling, flowering, brimming Read more about May Moon[…]

Rhythms of Life

Circadian Rhythms: A Very Short Introduction by Russell Foster and Leon Kreitzman  “We have been aware of circadian rhythms for thousands of years without realizing what they were, how they worked, or how crucial they are for our health and well-being. In the 4th century bc, Androsthenes, one of Alexander the Great’s sea captains, described the daily Read more about Rhythms of Life[…]