Sagittarius Flower Moon

“Come to the edge,” he said.“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded.“Come to the edge,” he said.“We can’t, We will fall!” they responded.“Come to the edge,” he said.And so they came.And he pushed them.And they flew.” ― by Christopher Logue and dedicated to Guillaume Apollinaire, originally titled Apollinaire said.

March Full worm moon in Virgo or Libra

March full moon Ides of March Roman festival of Anna Perenna Goddess of the wheel of the year Anna Perenna was an old Roman deity of the circle or “ring” of the year, as the name (annual perennial –per annum) clearly indicates. Her festival fell on the Ides of March (March 15), which would have marked the first full moon Read more about March Full worm moon in Virgo or Libra[…]

春分 Chūn fēn – Chinese spring divide

春分 Chūn fēn, Spring Equinox (March 20th) 春分, the fourth solar terms of the year, is the day that position of Sun is exactly above Earth’s equator. To describe this phenomenon in Chinese, we would say that 太阳此刻刚好到达黄经零度 Tài yáng cǐ kè gang hǎo dào dá huáng jīng ling dù 太阳 Tài yáng means Sun 此刻 Cǐ kè means at Read more about 春分 Chūn fēn – Chinese spring divide[…]

Spring Equinox Sandra Ingerman All spiritual tradition hold same belief that Before anything manifests in the physical world, it has to start first in the unseen worlds as an intention. The intention creates everything that we’re seeing in the world right now. So let’s start working in the unseen worlds and start planting the right seeds Read more about Spring Equinox[…]