Sagittarius adventures  post menopause Crone freedom A satyr Crotus, son of Pan, pointing arrow at the centre of the universe. Wild, rowdy, lustful creature with little respect for authority and proper manners.   Sagittarius are born to explore explore and their quest for knowledge know no bounds. Knowledge makes them natural creative and entertaining Storytellers  Final Read more about Sagittarius[…]

Martinmas / Remembrance Day

St. Martins day -patron saint of soldiers  First calendar day of winter in many european countries Winters day marches in with frosts Start of winter  Slaughter of animals laying in of stocks of cured meats in preparation for winter Blodmonath November pre Christian thanks to gods sacrifice Bede calls pagan rituals vanities their Sacrificing animals Read more about Martinmas / Remembrance Day[…]

November Almanac

November. Autumn into winter yellowing gold into red Leaves fall and we Remember Darkness deepens temperatures drop First frosts arrive and Fires are lit Time of Candles and lamplight Mulching Burning the old makes way for the new  November was Slaughter month, Blōtmonath, or “the month of blood sacrifices.” It’s likely this late autumnal sacrifice Read more about November Almanac[…]