“Within each of us there is a silence—a silence as vast as a universe.We are afraid of it…and we long for it.When we experience that silence, we rememberwho we are: creatures of the stars, createdfrom the cooling of this planet, createdfrom dust and gas, createdfrom the elements, createdfrom time and space…createdfrom silence.In our present culture,silence Read more about Silence[…]

Treesisters calling

This poem came through after watching David Attenborough’s Life on this Planet. If you haven’t watched it, may I HIGHLY recommend that you do and that you then share it far and wide. It’s causing a wave of awakening.. Amidst it all.Amidst uncertaintyEmotional frailtyRealization that how we have livedHas desecrated our worldUnknowinglyThen knowingly Because we didn’t,Because Read more about Treesisters calling[…]

Where I come from……

I come from the stars, I come from a Mars. travelling through space and time. towing the line. walking out of line Leading a wonky dance Eat you heart out Max Wall. Don’t follow me!!!But Then maybe do follow me. You hear wordsof voices long stifledand you find your camel. The one you didn’t know Read more about Where I come from……[…]