From the Heart of the World. The Elder Brother’s warning

The Kogi (/ˈkoʊɡi/ KOH-gee), or Cogui, or Kágaba, meaning “jaguar” in the Kogi language,[2] are an indigenous ethnic group that live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in northern Colombia. Their civilization has continued since the Pre-Columbian era. Rodriguez – Crucify your mind. Was it a huntsman or a playerThat made you pay the costThat now assumes relaxed positionsAnd prostitutes your loss?Were you Read more about From the Heart of the World. The Elder Brother’s warning[…]


Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth ~ Radical Love, Poetic Presence and the Art of Lifting Each Other – Monday May 4th 7-8pm–H2KI Clare Dubois you are my inspiration.

Indigenous Wisdom

The Hopi have a word for the state of the world we live in, and they call it Koyannisqatsi—meaning life out of balance. From the Indigenous perspective, the underlying source of our collective post-modern malaise is quite simply a disconnection from the Earth itself. And it is only through a reconnection with the Earth and our Read more about Indigenous Wisdom[…]