Amaterasu – The Sun Returns

“Shines from heaven” Amaterasu Ômikami is one of the chief deities in Japanese mythology. The Sun Goddess, she is considered the divine ancestor of the Imperial line, and of many of the other key members of the Shinto pantheon. The chief deity enshrined at Ise Shrine, Amaterasu Ômikami was the daughter of Izanagi and Izanami, as well as the older sister Read more about Amaterasu – The Sun Returns[…]

The time of Remembering

Remembering all that has passed moon dance the biggest release of the year every full moon is a release release everything that doesn’t serve me Compassion and Grace – big love and big mercy graciousness in the face of suffering don’t turn your face away from the pain life offers us – we are all Read more about The time of Remembering[…]

Human Beings

look at your hands    your beautiful useful hands                you’re not an ape            you’re not a parrot    you’re not a slow loris        or a smart missile            you’re human             not british        not american            not israeli    not palestinian        you’re human     Read more about Human Beings[…]