Stirrings. January takes its name from Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings. Winter light. Naked trees and Moons. Dark skies and stars. Quieten, draw in, Ice and snow swirl and whirlbreathe slow. Settle. Cwtch in.blankets and candles.journals and books.lamplight and shadows.Fire Drop. the seeds are held deep in the earthRest in mystery. place of all Read more about January[…]


Lammas – 3pm August First harvest Virgo new moon September  September, or Hāligmonath, meaning “holy month,” when celebrations and religious festivals would be held to celebrate a successful summer’s crop. Holy, wood, harvest or barley month. Celtic- Singing moon Medieval- Barley moon Native American- Corn moon Harvest moon Fruit moon Cherokee – Nut moon Hydrangea blooming Read more about Autumn[…]

A shiny chestnut conker

A Shiny chestnut conker, smooth to the touch. And a harvest of eight plump pears from our treeSeven thirty and the light is starting to diminish.lamps are needed to read by.The time of fires is fast approaching.Next week is forecast to be a late blast of heat,Summer going out in a blazebefore the equinox marks Read more about A shiny chestnut conker[…]