Resilience, Radiance, Rememberance

I Knew We Would Be FriendsAs soon as you opened your mouth, And I heard your soft sounds,I knew we would be friends.The first time, dear pilgrim, I heard you laugh,I knew it would not take me long,To turn you back into GodBy Hafiz, Sufi poet There is a Vitality – Martha Graham There is a Read more about Resilience, Radiance, Rememberance[…]

Late Summer

Late summer (Earth element) is the most humid time of year. It’s that time when the days are still long and hot but the intensity of the summer heat has started to back off a little. In many of the tropical countries it gives rise to the monsoon season. This time of year is closely Read more about Late Summer[…]

Witch Reclamation

Lisa Lester – Witch five pointed pointed pentagram the universal symbol of The witch and one you’ll find when you cut through the centre of an apple the fruit that eve was banished from Eden for eating and at each point of pentagram, she calls in A powerful witch archetype Guidess the force of nature, Read more about Witch Reclamation[…]

Poetry Dive 2 With Kim Rosen What I take:- MY POEMS ATTEMPT – RABIA. All of what I would want my child to know my poems attempt. We are infants before each others are we not, so vulnerable to each other’s words and movements. A school I sat in cured me of hurting others. I have come to see that Read more about Poetry Dive 2 With Kim Rosen[…]

Mercury Retrograde In the Eclipse Season

18th June – 12th July. The seemingly disruptive energy of Mercury in trograde continues into July and in conjunction with eclipse season, the twisting and turning of the energy of this time, whilst potentially shaking us up, is actually calling for us to learn to live in attunement with the natural cycles of life and Read more about Mercury Retrograde In the Eclipse Season[…]

Place, Purpose, Community

Wonderland Summer Soltice FestivalBriony Greenhill – Paradigm Shift Acres of Ancestry by Marlanda Dekine-Sapient Soul For the descendants of Africans living in the USA pursuing justice for 1.5 million acres of Black-owned land. As long as I have a pig and garden, no one can tell me what to do. —Fannie Lou Hamer Mine Read more about Place, Purpose, Community[…]

New moon – Solar eclipse

Journey to the underworld Into the darkness of the ancient mariners Under a dark moon.Osiris and the black cat Embrace the mystery,release the graspingAnd stand naked To be judged. Heart which feels really heavy Is as light As a feather when measured against truth and justice.A Ring of fireAnd a Phoenix rises from an ocean Read more about New moon – Solar eclipse[…]