Blue Jelly – Margaret Mead

“Last night I had the strangest dream. I was in a laboratory with Dr. Boas and he was talking to me and a group of other people about religion, insisting that life must have a meaning, that man couldn’t live without that. Then he made a mass of jelly-like stuff of the most beautiful blue Read more about Blue Jelly – Margaret Mead[…]

Dragons tamed by saints

Wikipedia dragon lore  A MOST curious, interesting, and at the same time obscure feature of this whole baffling subject is that of the so-called Pearl which accompanies the dragon in pictures and legends from the earliest times, and is common to the religious traditions of the whole East–India, China and Japan. Necklaces of pearls are a regular part of the regalia of naga-queens in their submarine palaces; and we read often in the Read more about Dragons tamed by saints[…]

The time of Remembering

Remembering all that has passed moon dance the biggest release of the year every full moon is a release release everything that doesn’t serve me Compassion and Grace – big love and big mercy graciousness in the face of suffering don’t turn your face away from the pain life offers us – we are all Read more about The time of Remembering[…]

Shifting Sands

Fire and night. cold desert night. tongues of flame flickering. licking the air. swallowing the darkness Dune shadows disappear into oblivioncanopy of stars. sparks of magicwind buffeting tents. calling my name scheherezade storyteller. Listen. I have come to listen to the sand and the wind and the stars. To feel into the soul of the Read more about Shifting Sands[…]