Yugen Blakrok

Three minute epiphany https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0727fg2 “Fire is the story that has to be told time and time again.” “One of the lessons I have learnt from music is to Respect time, and in other ways to disregard it. Everything has its own time and place. These things also have their own movements and patterns and you Read more about Yugen Blakrok[…]

Winter Apple

WINTER APPLE By David Whyte Let the apple ripen on the branch beyond your need to take it down. Let the coolness of autumn and the breathing, blowing wind test its adherence to endurance, let the others fall. Wait longer than you would, go against yourself, find the pale nobility of quiet that ripening demands… Read more about Winter Apple[…]

Stolen child – W B Yeats

The Stolen Child W. B. Yeats – 1865-1939 Where dips the rocky highlandOf Sleuth Wood in the lake,There lies a leafy islandWhere flapping herons wakeThe drowsy water rats;There we’ve hid our faery vats,Full of berrysAnd of reddest stolen cherries.Come away, O human child!To the waters and the wildWith a faery, hand in hand,For the world’s more Read more about Stolen child – W B Yeats[…]