Light workers says Lorie Ladd alchemise the fear and divide. Into love and unity hold the love. Let it run to ground. Keep remembering. coming back. in love and compassion. I am here to alchemise. anger, rage, Hatred, separateness. David Whyte describes how these emotions show us the love within us. Keep connected to other Read more about Ascension[…]

Grace – Mary Magdalene feast day

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Black moon cycle

The next black moon cycle begins with the solar eclipse in Cancer on 21st June 2020. The actual black moon occurs on 20th July 2020. This cycle continues until the next black moon cycle which is in Aries, beginning in March 2023. Astrology with Sarah Varcas Most people have heard of a blue moon but black moons Read more about Black moon cycle[…]

Mercury Retrograde In the Eclipse Season

18th June – 12th July. The seemingly disruptive energy of Mercury in trograde continues into July and in conjunction with eclipse season, the twisting and turning of the energy of this time, whilst potentially shaking us up, is actually calling for us to learn to live in attunement with the natural cycles of life and Read more about Mercury Retrograde In the Eclipse Season[…]

Cancer New Moon Cancer New Moon Sunday 21st June at 7.41am (UK Time) Cancer new moon solar eclipse! All of the moons we have had over th least few months have been perfect in helping us to learn from and process and rise up into all that has been happening – but the magic of this new moon solar eclipse falling Read more about Cancer New Moon[…]