Light workers says Lorie Ladd alchemise the fear and divide. Into love and unity hold the love. Let it run to ground. Keep remembering. coming back. in love and compassion. I am here to alchemise. anger, rage, Hatred, separateness. David Whyte describes how these emotions show us the love within us. Keep connected to other Read more about Ascension[…]

Where I come from……

I come from the stars, I come from a Mars. travelling through space and time. towing the line. walking out of line Leading a wonky dance Eat you heart out Max Wall. Don’t follow me!!!But Then maybe do follow me. You hear wordsof voices long stifledand you find your camel. The one you didn’t know Read more about Where I come from……[…]

Change the Worldview, Change the World

By Drew DellingerPUBLISHED IN SUMMER 2018 | COMMENTS 4 Forty years after Thomas Berry’s “The New Story,” new generations are seizing on the power of narrative. I was sitting in a classroom in Assisi, Italy, with one of the leading environmental thinkers of our time, and he was talking about the power of story. “It seems that we basically communicate Read more about Change the Worldview, Change the World[…]


Rumithe first whirling saint of poetryspinning like a galaxyweaving constellations of wordslike blazing stars,numinous moons,planets with gardens blossomingand oceans floating in space. Rumithe first whirling saint of poetrytraversing the geographyof divine desire with longingstronger than the undertow of history. This presence ismysterious, like the silhouette of music,the circumference of a dream. When Rumi met Shamsthe Read more about Rumi[…]

The Water Cycle and Climate change As temperatures rise, evaporation increases and soils dry out. When rain does come,it often falls as a violent downpour that doesn’t do much to help crops or other plants. Instead of gently soaking into the soil, the water hits very hard ground and runs off, often causing disastrous flooding before draining into rivers and Read more about The Water Cycle and Climate change[…]

Place, Purpose, Community

Wonderland Summer Soltice FestivalBriony Greenhill – Paradigm Shift Acres of Ancestry by Marlanda Dekine-Sapient Soul For the descendants of Africans living in the USA pursuing justice for 1.5 million acres of Black-owned land. As long as I have a pig and garden, no one can tell me what to do. —Fannie Lou Hamer Mine Read more about Place, Purpose, Community[…]

No Justice, No Peace

I read in Finding Sanctuary By Abbot Christopher JamiesonThat one of St Benedict’s rules states that,While anyone experiences injustice, there cannot be peace. Within ourselves, as much as between ourselves.