Purple and Orange

Here is midsummer. The time of purple and orange. Out of a Jurassic forest of foliage rise the polemonium spears. holding aloft their beautiful-blue purple flower clusters. While pink-purple rockets burst forth on the buddleia bush. And Orange hawkbit waft their devil’s paintbrushes highamong the tall spears of lucifers Crosimia and the low snaking tendrils Read more about Purple and Orange[…]

First seeds

Drying Aquilegia seedpods. Clover flowers floating like miniature lotus flowers on a pool of green.Seas of mint and pink geranium, Pale yellow stars of the lady’s mantle Spears of LavenderAnd tiny orchids of the dead nettle. Foxgloves trumpets held on high. Soft leaves, spiky leaves, furry alchemilla leaves, leathery leaves of the peony and hydrangea. Read more about First seeds[…]

Coming back to Earth

I stop. Look up. Blue sky. Green hedge. Solid Earth. I land,Feeling gravity holding me close. Where have I been? Away with the fairies over the summer solstice. Journeying. The circle has gone now, vanishing as quickly as it appeared.It’s good to come back down to Earth Grounded. I roll onto my belly, feeling my Read more about Coming back to Earth[…]


Pollination – Declare and Share – Union Purple and Orangealchemy & devilment. Here is midsummer.The time of purple and orange.Out of a Jurassic forest of foliage rise the polemonium spears.holding aloft their beautiful-blue purple flower clusters.While pink-purple rockets burst forth on the buddleia bush.And Orange hawkbit waft their devil’s paintbrushes highamong the tall spears of Read more about Midsummer[…]

Let the rhythm call you home

Hard rain overnight. 4am Crack of Dawn pulsing energy. Deep, dark new moon journey. Blue throat chakra, black cat.Bigger cats, lions, tigers and jaguars, prowl and roar. Summer solstice wonderland Jasmine scent.Peas pop. Wild cherries with poison at their hearts. Soft breeze, floating clouds, rustling leaves. Father’s Day cider and hops.Sleep so near and so Read more about Let the rhythm call you home[…]


The tree that was always waiting for me. Nine hearts and radiant circuitsjoy, gladness, awe, appreciation and gratitude. splendour and spontaneity. Stability and ease get up off of your knees, you are my son, not a servant. you have the dragon pearl. speak. drop. Drop into the present moment. Into the state of receptivity, open Read more about Rain[…]

No Justice, No Peace

I read in Finding Sanctuary By Abbot Christopher JamiesonThat one of St Benedict’s rules states that,While anyone experiences injustice, there cannot be peace. Within ourselves, as much as between ourselves. https://bigthink.com/praxis/what-does-no-justice-no-peace-really-mean https://facebook.com/events/s/black-lives-matter-swansea-pro/279570763419630/?ti=icl

Posting seeds and a new Phone

Damselflies and Orange roses. a blue moon bud appears. swifts, swallows and housemartins. Fierce heat and teenage happiness. love and futures open-hearts and open minds peace. unrest. there will be no peace until the least experience no lack connections. branches. puffs of white cloud. the sound of lambsAnd dogs barking wind and rustling leaves. time Read more about Posting seeds and a new Phone[…]

Love Poem

The shiny striped bark of the wild cherry. The furry moss covered trunk of the Ash, solid and sturdy,yet still moved by the wind breath. The supple straight stem of the Chinese Handkerchief tree. Davidia involucrata Bens coming of age tree, rising into proud adolescence. The smell of the air, the earth still damp beneath Read more about Love Poem[…]