The spiky plant at the heart of the display

The spiky plant at the heart of the display It’s rigid blades of leaves, barely quivering in the wind, have been said to have sliced off a mans fingers. They are brown tipped dagger points  And look as if they could have been dipped in blood. There lies the pain at the heart of the Read more about The spiky plant at the heart of the display[…]

Goddess of the dry spell – Danna Faulds

This spring and early summer were unusually wet in our part of the Shenandoah Valley. It rained and rained, resulting in lush lawns and uncommon garden growth through the first part of August. Now though, we are in a dry spell. I spend the first part of every morning out in our vegetable garden with Read more about Goddess of the dry spell – Danna Faulds[…]


It is early morning,before the world wakes up. I open the front door. And here is heavensitting waiting for me to remember it. Geese and gulls fly across the sky sounding their distinct calls through the valley. Giant hydrangea blooms and tiny jasmine flowers abound. Up the garden, the first aquilegia seeds and a single Read more about Heaven[…]

Purple and Orange

Here is midsummer. The time of purple and orange. Out of a Jurassic forest of foliage rise the polemonium spears. holding aloft their beautiful-blue purple flower clusters. While pink-purple rockets burst forth on the buddleia bush. And Orange hawkbit waft their devil’s paintbrushes highamong the tall spears of lucifers Crosimia and the low snaking tendrils Read more about Purple and Orange[…]

First seeds

Drying Aquilegia seedpods. Clover flowers floating like miniature lotus flowers on a pool of green.Seas of mint and pink geranium, Pale yellow stars of the lady’s mantle Spears of LavenderAnd tiny orchids of the dead nettle. Foxgloves trumpets held on high. Soft leaves, spiky leaves, furry alchemilla leaves, leathery leaves of the peony and hydrangea. Read more about First seeds[…]