Michael hetherington liver and gall bladder meridians connected with smooth flow of energy around the body and detoxifying. Yoga opening the side body and shoulders, pummelling and qigong. Spring is that time of year when new energy, new life and new dreams blossom. As we move out of the colder and more introverted months of Read more about Spring[…]

Peace is This Moment Without Judgment

Do you think peace requires an end to war?Or tigers eating only vegetables?Does peace require an absence fromyour boss, your spouse, yourself?…Do you think peace will come some other place than here?Some other time than Now?In some other heart than yours?  Peace is this moment without judgment.That is all. This moment in the Heart-spacewhere everything Read more about Peace is This Moment Without Judgment[…]

Come home

Please Come Home. by Jane Hooper. Please come home. Please come home.Find the place where your feet know to walkAnd follow your own trail home. Please com home. Please come into your own body,Your own vessel, your own earth.Please come home into each and every cellAnd fully into the space that surrounds you. Please come Read more about Come home[…]

Late Summer

Set the seed What does setting seed mean? In computing – The set. seed() function sets the starting number used to generate a sequence of random numbers – it ensures that you get the same result if you start with that same seed each time you run the same process. For example, if I use the sample() function immediately Read more about Late Summer[…]

After the Rain

Jane Hirshfield JasmineAlmost the twenty-first century —how quickly the thought will grow dated,even quaint.Our hopes, our future,will pass like the hopes and futures of others.And all our anxieties and terrors,nights of sleeplessness,griefs,will appear then as they truly are —Stumbling, delirious bees in the tea scent of jasmine.

Full Moon – Dragon pearl

Last night on a journey with a little rabbit, the full moon gave me a gift. It was a brooch of a dragon with a pearl In western mythology the dragon is represented as a winged fire breathing monster, not to be trusted. Western dragons are usually portrayed as hoarders of great riches and knowledge. Read more about Full Moon – Dragon pearl[…]

The Natural Flow of Life

In the Complete book of Oriental Yoga Hatha and Taoist Yoga for the Seasons By Michael Hetherington says,“ There is no doubt that energy moves through us differently according to the time of day, the climatic conditions, the attitudes we harbor and the cycles of the moon, just to name a few. With the natural Read more about The Natural Flow of Life[…]