7.30 Waiting for the sunrise

7.30 Waiting for the sunrise

13 jet black jackdaws 

Perched on the power lines with, like me, front row seats

Then taking off, they glide, swoop, flap

Flying remnants of darkness 

Swimming In a hazy grey watercolour sky shot through with luminous streaks of coral light

The cloud breaks 

And pale blue sky becomes visible

The clock ticks

I catch the first glimpse of the too bright morning beam

Then it’s gone again, backlighting clouds and illuminating a small flock of excited birds

Before finally rising majestically 

To the accompaniment of a dog, a motorbike 

and the still constant ticking of the clock

The sun shimmers the early autumn dew 

And I bathe in her glow.

The jackdaws seem to swim by in slow motion

Every day now more trees are changing their colours

Mist swirls in the valley, 

birds sing

Day quietly begins.

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