A squally shower of rain

Blows in with a seagull caught up in its winds
blown off course, far inshore.
A car splashes by,
my teeth ache
and I’m tired, very tired.
It’s been a tiring few months
and a tiring few days
with sleep disrupted by a wolf moon.
I rest my head back and drop the weight.
The fire crackles tinkles and sputters
and the wind gusts and swirls in the chimney.
It’s hard to let go.
Empty, empty, empty. Release, surrender, let go.
5000 miles per hour again.
Frazzled I take the keys out of the ignition
and step away from the speed machine.
When will I learn?
The thing is, I’m 10000 miles up and in orbit
before I even notice what I’m doing
and there’s no denying that I totally love the whole fireworks display that it is.
Until the whole unsustainable trip starts to take its toll
and I realise I’m caught up again,
like a frenzied butterfly collector
trying to catch every shooting star that passes.
My eyes burnt out with exhaustion.
Relax, it’s not my job to drive,
(thank god).

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