A strong woman 

Part I

A strong woman is a woman who allows herself to rest 

To stop 

and stand out of the rush

Still and quiet 

To question those things 

that don’t feel right

And still hold in love

Those who don’t or can’t question 

A strong woman is a woman who feels the pain

The pain of questioning 

And the pain of those who can’t or don’t question.

A strong woman runs the pain to ground

Like a lightening rod

Letting it run through, 

Down into the earth.

(Aerating the soil)

And flows out the other side.

A strong woman stays soft

Not clenching or grasping or desperately clinging on

A strong woman trusts and let’s go

Relaxing back into the cosmos

Back into her soul.

And she keeps coming back to her soul

A thousand times and a thousand times more

Remembering pure awareness 

And letting herself float In….

In love

In an ocean of love

A strong woman serves those around her,

Whilst not forgetting herself,

She gives what she can, when she can,

Without counting the cost

And receives a back a hundredfold

passing the love on down the line

And when she can’t, 

when she has nothing left to give,

She is kind to herself

And takes time to restore, replenish, nourish 

and regain her strength.

A strong woman is kind 

Her Kindness IS her strength 

Part ii

A strong woman feels the strength of her heartbeat pulsing in her chest 

She listens

And responds

A strong woman acts on the directives of her heart

She moves, and is moved by love.

A strong woman hold space for others

She listens 

And she speaks her truth


A strong woman is not perfect

A strong woman makes mistakes.

A strong woman stands steady as a mountain 

Encountering all manner of weathers  

Withstanding storms.

A strong woman walks to the beat of her own drum.

No faster, no slower.

Dancing to the rhythms of her heart


and feeling life course through her 

When afraid, she asks what love would do?

A strong woman learns from the trees

And is able to bend and flex in, and with, the wind.

With roots sinking

Deep deep deep

Into the earth 

Held fast by the intermingling with the roots of all those around her

With the mycelial networks

And the rich hummus of the soil,

She is provided with nourishment 

and juice,

Enabling her to grow tall, and strong and flexible.

The tips of her branches reaching to the sky

Expanding in all directions. 

As above so below 

Her roots expand in all directions, 

wandering, meandering, 

Intermingling, interweaving.

A strong woman 

She is held.

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