Aries New Moon – New Astrological Year

New year vision board

If you’ve been working towards a big project—perhaps you’re trying to start your own business or want to join a program or study group—this is the perfect time to do so. The Aries new moon will give you a moment to breathe deeply before plunging into an important new change. Ride this wave and conquer your goals.

This new moon takes place in cardinal fire sign Aries.
As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries carries with it all the energetic qualities of starting something new with an overwhelming level of enthusiasm. In essence, Aries goes forward without any previous experiences to hold it back. Aries doesn’t focus on fear and trepidation because it marches into the future without worry. In fact, Aries is so forward-moving that it can also be ruthless and impulsive, highlighting the necessity of a little more critical thinking before taking action.

The Aries new moon may feel like a blast of turbo-energy, tapping into your deepest desire to succeed. As Aries flushes through your system, it lights a fire beneath your need to be the best and win the game. Embrace this Aries new moon and let it remind you of what you’re most passionate about.

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