Capricorn Full Moon – Buck Moon

05.44 AM (BST)

This Lunascope helps us to navigate the Full and New Moon cycles so that we make the most of the Moon’s energy. When we start living within the natural rhythm and flow of Nature we find life becomes more peaceful and harmonious. The Moon and Planets help us to find this natural flow and bring us back into alignment with the Earth and all living things.

photo by Sanni Sahil 
Dear Lunascopers

WOW! What a month it has been! We have been in an auspicious transition phase this month with three eclipses, Mercury and five planets deep in retrograde, and the Solar eclipse falling on Summer Solstice.

Since Spring Equinox, humanity has been pushed out of it’s comfort zone, so we can see where we have become ‘comfortably numb’ and forcing us to make the changes we have been procrastinating about.

This third and final Capricorn full moon eclipse on Sunday is bringing up our suppressed fears, regarding our practical security such as, where we live, who we live with, and our job security. It will also shine a light on our unfulfilled desires, regrets, and what we haven’t completed.

This lunar eclipse illuminates the path we are walking, but magnifies our fears. Eclipses intensify the pessimist within us, so we only see the negative in everything. Surges of anger, frustration and outrage may flare up as we see societal injustices, and improper authoritarian control. However, It is all too easy to be a victim, blaming everything and everyone, during a Capricorn full moon.

You may also feel that for the last few weeks you have been torn in two, as the guidance of your heart has been overshadowed by fear and doubt. Feelings that you are going in the wrong direction, or you have taken a wrong turn, may also spark anxiety and depression.

With so much emotional and overwhelming feelings coming to the surface, it is an important time to go within to hear your inner wisdom. When we go within and integrate what is happening, we can see what possibilities are available to us, and allow our own inner guidance system to show us the way forward. There are many reasons we can focus on to be depressed and pessimistic, which actually blind us to all the potential solutions that are available to us.

A Capricorn Full Moon shows us where we are blocked, and what beliefs no longer serve us, so going into silence really helps us to find our answers. It also inspires us to reclaim our power, and find our autonomy, by helping us find our balance, and valuing ourselves, so we can express our truth without fear. Don’t miss this chance to get a bit tougher if you have boundary issues, or are afraid of speaking your truth.

On 26th June, Venus started going direct, enabling us to see our relationships, and the relationship with ourselves, more clearly. We are also having to face the consequences of decisions we made in the past, and we will start seeing karma play out in the most strangest of ways. 

My advice for this period is to prepare for where you want to be. If you are unhappy with where you live, this is the time to move. If you are unhappy in a relationship this is the right time to leave. If you are unhappy in your job, find something more fulfilling.

Whatever decisions and choices you are making now, from the biggest decisions to the smallest, whatever you are choosing in the next few months to Autumn Equinox, will have long term implications in all areas of your life. The window of movement and opportunity is now.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions and limitations, magnifying where we feel stuck and limited, but also giving us the strength, tenacity and courage to remain true to our visions and trust our intuition, despite fear of the unknown. It can stengthen our passion and purpose by giving us the courage to overcome any obstacle that is in our way.

Just like the mountain goat that balances at the edge of the mountain, if things start wobbling around you, or within you, find the balance of the mountain goat, and learn to be comfortable at the edge, however precarious it may be.

Use the full moon eclipse to re-ignite your passion and creativity, and find the courage to keep going. When we feel motivated and passionate, we automatically feel back in control, and can start seeing life as an adventure, which will make this moon cycle a lot more enjoyable.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Patanjali
“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you’ll discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” 
All my love and blessings
from the urban jungle.
Photo by @luobulinka
 This Capricorn full moon it is really important to go out into nature and find yourself a quiet, peaceful place under a tree that inspires or calls you, or stand under the full moon’s silvery light if it is a clear night, (or even if it isn’t!).

Sink your bare feet deep into the earth. Imagine your feet are sinking ever deeper into the soil, sending the energy of your feet deep into the mud, rocks, and inner layers of Mother Earth, until you feel deeply rooted into the planet. Feel the energy, and vibrations of the earth’s electro-magnetic energy flowing up into the soles of your feet and around your body.

Feel the energy come flowing out through the top of your head and straight up into the sky. Feel it go beyond the clouds, the hemisphere and stratosphere and into space and connecting to the Moon.

Now, reverse the experience allowing the energy to flow from the Moon, through you into the depths of the Earth, with you as the conduit between the Moon and the Earth. Eventually, experience the energy flowing both ways, through every part of your being. It is possible to merge with the energies and actually become an open channel between Mother Earth, and the Moon.

This energy is incredibly healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It reconnects us to our planet, and reminds us we are part of the amazing cosmos that is whirling above us. We can also receive many messages from Mother Earth and the Moon, either during the visualization or afterwards, especially if you take the time to be in silence. This is also a good time to ask the Moon questions on issues that need clarification, especially if you need to make important decisions.

A full moon in Capricorn also influences the practical, organized aspects of ourselves. This is an excellent time to get filing, accounts, and other documents in order. We are at our most business-like now, and if there has been an element of chaos in your daily life, this moon can help bring some order.

If you do feel depressed during this moon cycle, spend five minutes every morning when you wake up feeling grateful for everything that will happen that day and then everything that did happen in the evening when you go to bed. This sets the intention for the day and helps to let go each night so the new day is free from the clutter of yesterday and makes life more manageable.

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