Dante – The way forward is to take heart

To have courage To get started To be reasonable about what you do first. And have faith that things can improve The path that opens up might be difficult, it might not be what you wanted it certainly isn’t as direct as we expected. But if you want to make a good understanding of what’s Read more about Dante – The way forward is to take heart[…]


“Within each of us there is a silence—a silence as vast as a universe.We are afraid of it…and we long for it.When we experience that silence, we rememberwho we are: creatures of the stars, createdfrom the cooling of this planet, createdfrom dust and gas, createdfrom the elements, createdfrom time and space…createdfrom silence.In our present culture,silence Read more about Silence[…]

Mountains and Rivers

The global Pachamama Alliance community online ceremony to welcome in a new possibility for you, your family, your community, and the world.  Our Indigenous elders remind us that with 2020 having been a year of great challenge for the human family, we have an opportunity to come together and take a moment to reflect, bless Read more about Mountains and Rivers[…]