Late September – New Libra Moon

Sitings of the beautiful new crescent moon
glowing in the embers of the setting sun
reach us on Sunday
but we only catch sight of it on moon day
and are awed.
with the rising
the little egret orchid blooms, takes flight
and fades almost within a day
we could so easily have missed it.
And it’s presence Leads us to a final abundance of raspberries
I pick them amidst Blustery September winds and squally showers 
Cold fat raindrops exploding on and around me.
A handful of swifts gather on the telephone wires
preening and preparing for their long journey ahead.

My sister is a serial killer 

Jim Morrison quote 

People are afraid of themselves

They should stand up for their pain 

I am surrounded and incarcerated by pain right now 

It tells me who I am 

What I need

Clare Dubois says crying is her super power

follow your heart, listen to the signs, reach out to others with love

The blackbird is my guide

she bangs the drum – the stone roses

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