Diminishing moon waning into darkness

This time of the lunar cycle with the moon disappearing into darkness (before the new moon on Thursday) can be a difficult time of the month, as energy levels drop and our inner critic can tend to take a hold and we haven’t got the energy to keep the positivity up.  This time of the lunar cycle is equivalent to the end of the year, after the harvest, when we reflect and review how things have gone. As human beings we are hard wired to look for the negative. So it’s important to put things into perspective. One really good thing I learnt from the Sjane Alexander of Wild power, is to try and befriend this not-so-positive side by understanding that it’s just trying to get the best out of us, albeit not in the most helpful way. Then balance that review of the month by making sure you’re including all the good stuff in the review and not just the negative (and even then not taking into account the circumstances that may have led to things being less than perfect). Remember to give yourself a break and some credit where it is due!

One practice I have been doing religiously for the last eighteen months now, is to journal three good things from my day just before I go to sleep. I started when I was having trouble sleeping but it has been amazing. It really helped balance my view of life generally but, as well as helping with positivity, it has really given me a clearer picture of myself and what matters to me. I love it! It is a well known positivity practise which builds on the gratitude practices but I have found it far more interesting. Not least, how I choose to define “good”. Is it morally good or kind things I have done, or disciplined things, or just good beautiful or fortunate things? That in itself can teach us something about our what we value.

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