February/March Moon gardening

Aquarius lunation – Water bearer – purifying & nourishing the earth

1st feb – 1st March
Equivalent to 3.30 – 5.30am.
Birds singing & nesting 
Dreams turning into plans.
Roots pushing down  establish foundations 
Prepare the ground.

First week.
Friday 1st – Friday 8th.   New moon – waxing crescent
Equiv to midnight to 6am     

14th St.valentines day/birds wedding day.
Walk the garden dreaming, scheming and planning.
17th Shrove tuesday / Mardi Gras Carnival / Hindu spring festival Vasant Panchami.

Ash Wednesday 18th – start of lent
Time of purification 

19th more rain than snow 2nd chinese solar season

Spring clean.
Clear the Ivy.
Dig the earth but watch out for sleeping toads if turning the compost.
First early daisies and dandelion flowers.

Second week.
Saturday 20th – Friday 26th inc First qtr moon – Waxing gibbous Rising to full moon
Equiv to 6am to midday.
Sap rising

Sew crops that develop above ground.    
Undercover – Aubergines & Sweet peppers – 6 plants of 3 cultivars.   
& Sprouting broccoli – 4 plants of 2 cultivars 

Chit potatoes

Third week.
Saturday 27th Feb – Friday 5th March FULL MOON – Waning gibbous
Equiv to midday to 6pm.
Snow moon maybe Worm moon when it falls after the 19th

Rack & weed seedbeds, cover to help them warm up.   

Rack the grass, removing moss

Fourth week.
3rd Chinese solar – 6th March hibernating insects awaken earth aerated.
Saturday 6th – Friday 12th Last qtr WANING CRESCENT – dropping to dark moon
Equiv to 6pm to midnight

Prune roses, summer flowering clematis & deciduous trees & shrubs inc fuchsia & honeysuckle. Last chance to prune raspberries & fruit trees
Fertilise and mulch the soil compost veg patch & fertilise flowering plants esp roses, perennials and fruit bushes.
Review & reflect

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