Love is in the air, on the song of courting birds.
February comes from the word februum (purification) and februa, the rites or instruments used for purification. Time to spring clean, out with the old, to make space for the new. Lent detox


Nature is beginning to stir, and just as the seeds are beginning to root and shoot, it is the time for us to start rooting the dreams and visions that have been germinating internally within us over the winter months. Getting a plan together (Aquarius roots (then Leo full moon full moon in Leo is all about love, tapping into our creativity, passions and desires) , Pisces shoots (Virgo full moon manifests the dreams in reality) – Aries breaks through to sunshine).

1st Imbolc (In the belly) St Brigid’s day.

2nd Candlemas

4th Lichun Start of Spring – First period of the Chinese luni-solar calendar & start of Chinese Astrological year – Year of the Yang Wood Dragon

9th New moon in Pisces

10th Chinese New year

12th Shrove Tuesday

13th Ash Wednesday beginnning of Lent

14th Valentines day – birds wedding day.

24th Snow moon in Virgo

19th yǔshuǐ – More Rain than Snow

Sun moves into Pisces

24th Full moon in Virgo
Seeds Root & shoot – believe dreams turn into plans

Daffodils & leafbuds fatten

The poet Teba on a horse by Hokusai

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