It is early morning,
before the world wakes up.
I open the front door.
And here is heaven
sitting waiting for me to remember it.

Geese and gulls fly across the sky
sounding their distinct calls through the valley.
Giant hydrangea blooms and tiny jasmine flowers abound.

Up the garden,
the first aquilegia seeds and a single purple buddleia rocket
before the rain.
have moved on, so now I collect the last late seedheads
and the Buddleia is a veritable finale of fireworks exploding in every direction.
The apples are swelling.
and the raspberries ripened and reddened are in abundance.

Further up, on the vegetable patch,
the peas have popped
and orange flowers herald the promise of beans.
Life is running high.

The sun is hot today
but there’s still enough cloud
to hamper any great ambient heat.
So it’s comfortable to work in the garden,
To prune some of the growth the full moon and rains have brought on.
Garden machinery sounds reverberate around the village.
The meadow has fully gone to seed
and even the shorter grass is a carpet of clover.
It’s abuzz with fuzzy honeybees drunk on their nectar,
so it won’t be cut today.

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