Late Summer

As we move into late summer, The Earth, air and Sea are at their warmest. It is holiday season and there is a lazy feeling, things can wait.

There is a feeling of abundance. The natural world is ripening. Lammas, on the 1st August, being the first of the 3 harvest phases of year, wheat and fruit, plums, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries and haws

The colours Purple and orange buddleia and crocosmia

Hydrangeas, penstemon and nasturtiums 

Fluffy herb flowers, mint, marjoram, fennel and lavender 

Against the abundant dark green foliage of trees in full leaf

Butterflies, dragon & damselflies & Wasps proliferate

But the heat is peaking and will slowly start to wane. The days are still long and warm but the length is decreasing, the shadows lengthening and the evenings growing cooler.

Nature shifts from growth to ripening and as flowers finish, the colours fade.

Seeds spread

shifting skies.

Full moon grain moon

Above us/ in the night sky

Perseieds meteor shower 12/13th midnight – 4am

In The complete book of Oriental Yoga, Michael Hetherington explains how, “This time of year is closely associated with the digestive organs of the stomach and spleen. Because of the spleen’s tendency to enjoy sweet foods there is a natural attraction towards eating sweet, juicy fruit like mangoes and watermelons during this time. The stomach and spleen’s internal environment is quite damp, and keeping the internal environment from drying out or from becoming too wet and damp can be a difficult balance to achieve. If the internal environment of the stomach and spleen becomes too dried out the body tends to become excessively skinny and the muscles become thin and weak. On the other hand, if they become too wet and damp, the body becomes excessively overweight, heavy and slow. The emotions associated with the Earth element are sympathy and empathy as the natural tendency of a mother to a child. Because of the abundance of fruit and vegetables at this time of year, it’s time to spend more time in the kitchen gathering, storing and conserving the bountiful harvest for the cooler months ahead. Late summer is time to get grounded, nourished and feel the support of Mother Earth and the universal life force.”

Stomach and spleen meridians 

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