Let the rhythm call you home

Hard rain overnight.
4am Crack of Dawn
pulsing energy.
Deep, dark new moon journey.
Blue throat chakra, black cat.
Bigger cats, lions, tigers and jaguars, prowl and roar.

Summer solstice wonderland
Jasmine scent.
Peas pop.
Wild cherries with poison at their hearts.
Soft breeze, floating clouds, rustling leaves.
Father’s Day cider and hops.
Sleep so near and so far,
lavender pillows , jersey milk, honey and Valerian.
Hungry ghosts, silent ceremony.

St, john’s wort and hydrangea flower,
There are dark red, miniature Peter Pan roses
left over from a party many moons ago,
And papery, deep pink dog roses bursting from the foliage .
Foxgloves, Jacobs ladder and Ox-eye daisies,
pink, purple and white.
Rhubarb for tea.

the sun has ascended,
has reached its peak.
Tree mallow, raspberry and strawberry stems are laden.
The air heavy with pollen,
Is buzzing with life.
Midges galore.
An ants nest, full of eggs.
Insects gorging on sweet, sticky nectar,
tiny Cupid’s spreading love.
Consummation, Union.
The whole garden germinating new life.
Everywhere full, voluptuous, pregnant,
brimming with energy, juice and sap.
There is magic in the air.
Out of nowhere arrive all manner of mushrooms
encircling the fire.

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