Lilith – Muladhara Chakra

Wild woman – Muladhara Root chakra

Jocelyn’s shamanic and alchemical medicine course introduces Lilith. According to, this archetype empowers people to let themselves be who they already know they are.
To listen to our own bodies and instincts.
Lilith’s energy resides a great deal in your 1st/root chakra, the foundation of your energy field allowing……. the natural feminine within, the wild streak inside us that can’t abide by rules if they constrict what’s natural and would flow freely.

I know this wild woman well, I can only ever keep her in her box for only short periods of a time. This wild woman is a card carrying aspect of who I am and she’s welcome at my party. I realise it’s not only Ok, it’s necessary to acknowledge all those aspects deemed unacceptable by one group or another. Let them all come in, give them a glass of whatever takes their fancy, take their place at the table. And I realise there’s no ugly duckling, wrong whichever way I turn, after all. I have just woken up and found all the parts of myself allowed and coming home whole.

Queen of the Night

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