Roman May honors the fertility goddesses Maia. Named after the Greek goddess Maia. For the Anglo-Saxons, May was thrimlice, or “the month of three milkings,” when livestock were often so well fed on fresh spring grass that they could be milked three times a day. Also pasture month. Flower month and Month of Joy.

Mayflowers bloom on the Hawthorn

Taurus & Venus. Venus, the daughter of Jupiter and Dione, who was at first, as a Latin goddess, associated with growth and the cultivation of fields and gardens. With Feronia and Flora she symbolised spring and fruitfulness.” This grew to include fruitfulness of humans as well as the green spaces around our homes. She later also became associated with love, as a Roman version of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Although it is for love that she is best known today, gardeners have never forgotten their ancient patron deity, with many statues from classical mythology found in gardens of stately homes.

Chinese early Summer: a period of swelling, flowering, brimming with fire and energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Michael hetherington meridians Heart and Small Intestine.

Flowers blooming this moon Aquilegia, Bluebells and Dandelions. Hawkbit, Forget-me-not and Red campion, peony, start of sweet rocket & roses

1st Calan Mai Beltane – fire festival celebrating the coming of summer and the fertility of the coming year.

6th Lì xià – Chinese start of summer

4th first Sunday in May – Dawn Chorus Day. At this time of year, the migrant songbirds have returned to the English countryside and fill the air with their song. First organised by environmentalist and broadcaster Chris Baines in the 1980s when he held his birthday party 4am so that all of his guests could listen to the dawn chorus together. 

6-8th Rogation Sunday asking gods blessing Rogation Days (rogare = to ask). The object of these rogation supplications is to appease the anger of God and avert the scourges of His justice, and to pray for harvest.

8th New Moon in Taurus

9th Ascension

8th or 13th Julian of Norwich feast day

19th Whitsun, from white Sunday, commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ’s disciples

Radio 4 Unclassified brass bells & Whitsun wells

21st Sun into Gemini

23rd Full Sagittarius flower Moon Lunar eclipse. Celtic- Bright moon.
Medieval- Hare moon.
Native American- Flower moon. Grass moon. Cherokee – Planting moon.
Southern Hemisphere- Milk moon.
This full moon is celebrated more than most in Buddhist countries as the moon on which the Buddha was born, reached enlightenment and died – Wesak day

25th – 27th Shavuot, the giving of the torah

Frothy hawthorn & butter cup meadows natures calendar

First Summer: May 05 – May 20

  • The First Frog Call (May 05 – May 09)
  • The Earth Worm Rise (May 10 – May 14)
  • Bamboo Shoots Appear (May 15 – May 20)

Grain Full: May 21 – June 04

  • The Silk Worm Awakes and Eats the Mulberry (May 21 – May 25)
  • The Safflower Blossoms (May 26 – May 30)

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