My sister is a serial killer

“When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It’s a subtle kind of murder … the most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces.”

― Jim Morrison

People are afraid of themselves

They should stand up for their pain 

I am surrounded and incarcerated by pain right now 

It tells me who I am 

What I need

Clare Dubois says crying is her super power

A little egret blooms

And finishes almost within a day

There is a final glut of raspberries as they finish 

I pick them amidst Blustery September winds and squally showers 

Cold fat raindrops exploding on and around me

The new moon crescent set alongside the sun 

Huge and glowing orange by the last rays of sunlight

We’d heard tell of it on Sunday but saw it as we came home on Monday – Moon day

A speeding bullet of a magpie with its tail streaming along behind it 

Is suspended as it battles the prevailing headwind 

Trees, still full in leaf, are buffeted  

and billow in the strengthening gusts

The rain closes in    

And the reflections of streetlights move like shooting stars 

 down the side windowpane of the car 

The whole, not good enough thing stems from that place of lack.    

That is the result of inter generational trauma.   

I have tried not to pass that onto the next generation     

But should not judge my parents 

That was not their job to heal.   

They did not have the information I have had.  

That was what was passed on to them 

Instead you can come from a place of abundance and sufficiency 

And look for the good.   

To keep hold of that

I have got more than enough.   

I am more than enough

I do enough, I don’t have to keep pushing striving

It is enough just to sit and watch the weather roll in

And Rejoice in the awesome beauty

Look for the good

And pay that backwards as well as forwards 

In order to make peace

Accept that that’s just their way of seeing things 

and I don’t have to buy into it

And I don’t need to take it personally 

Understand it comes from their suffering 

and has very little to do with me

And instead focus on the good in them

Reflect that back to them.   

The Geese are moving.

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