New Moon in Cancer

According to Lia Leendertz in The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2020
This moon is the time where,
With all the work, lessons and reflections under our belts, now we are in a good position to understand the direction we want to move towards. This new moon says listen to your dreams and sit down and make a wish list.

This moon marks the waning of summer – the pollen has landed and makes its way home. The hard case swells with water and the pollen tube breaks through and makes its way down to the ovule.

True night returns on the 21st July .
The sun moves into Leo on 22nd
The Chinese season of great heat on the 23rd

1st August Lammas – festival of first of the three harvest festivals.

The next new moon on 16th August- Leo new moon, big roar – fertilisation – Two become one – the alchemical union of male & female, merging, fusing, melting together in the dark heat of the inner cauldron of the ovary, creating new life.

The cauldron is a central image in the Celtic Mystery Tradition.  There are three different types of cauldrons: the Cauldron of Transformation, the Cauldron of Rebirth, and the Cauldron of Inspiration.  Cerridwen’s cauldron combines all three into one and, as the keeper of this quintessential cauldron, Ceridwen represents the womb of the Goddess from which all life manifests into this world.  She labors continually at Her cauldron, stirring up the forces of inspiration, divine knowledge and the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  She is the Wheel of Life, associated with the sow symbolising good luck and spiritual growth; and Grain symbolising abundance and nurturance. Her color is green, the color of life.

It’s a very strong tIme of year 

Late June to late august as one moon cancer and one sun leo

Union of the divine masculine and feminine leading to rebirth

Where you can reconstruct your world? where you can make sure above all your soul is nourished?

what can you throw into your cauldron to transmute into new

What seeds do you want in your inner garden next year? This is where they take shape

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