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The Hopi have a word for the state of the world we live in, and they call it Koyannisqatsi—meaning life out of balance. From the Indigenous perspective, the underlying source of our collective post-modern malaise is quite simply a disconnection from the Earth itself. And it is only through a reconnection with the Earth and our ecosystem that we can return to sanity.

A link to the full recording of the Pachamama world earth day summit
And a message from the indigenous people on where we find ourselves.

Arkan Lushwala ceremonialist, healer and author of the time of the black jaguar opens a day of speakers by saying, and I paraphrase,

We are entering a new age. For the last 500 years we have been in a difficult time but we have learnt many lessons. Now we are entering a new age. We are one with the Earth, related to all creatures, Stones, plants, mountains, trees, rivers and oceans. Now we are in a humble place and this is bringing out the best in us, i.e. the capacity to listen. It is time to turn on our anntennae. We can’t do this, it will happen to us , for the good of, the wellbeing of all the earth.

This time of the Coronavirus is like the moment when you throw something up into the sky, it is momentarily suspended at its highest point before it starts its descent. That is where we are right now, temporarily suspended for that little moment. What follows is the return to Earth, the coming back to Earth. We Remember what we really are, Earth people. We become people of the earth again, know that we are part of the earth, that we belong to the earth.

Something happened where the rhythm of our activities, heartbeat, actions were not right, were off. Now Open ourselves to the healing the earth is offering. We are all having the opportunity to synchronise our inner rhythm with the rhythm of the earth, the cosmic rhythm of the earth, the cosmic rhythm that the Earth is synchronised with. That is the healing, coming back in sync, synchronised with the earth, the cosmos. When we are synchronised with the rhythm of the earth, we are back home, we have returned to paradise.
We can listen and feel again what is true. We have something true to follow made by the sacred source of life. And then we can be guided to find our way through these difficult times to the good times that are coming.

Arkan finishes by praying we become one, one heart, one heartbeat with the heartbeat of the earth. Blessings to all, light in the mind and hearts for everyone.

Please listen to this beautiful message from Antocal Nesdi!

Posted by Sama Dhista on Friday, 24 April 2020

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