Capricorn earth and water 


Work is going on


Deep sleep know that stuff is happening 

the elements / external forces the cold and wet are working on you

softening your shell


Drop out of bottom of out breath

Winter solstice – Jan 21st / end of lunation Chinese New Year 

Low energy 

Suspended energies going in both directions light is rising but temperature dropping



let yourself be worked on by unseen processes 

Quiescence Be still 

Dormancy anything but dormant

Water coming in 

Chemicals changing 

Let all this seasonal stuff wash over/through me


January time of Quiescence 

Sitting still and quiet not easy for a lot of people in our society 

And not valued by our society

Takes a lot of bravery to sit, to stop moving so fast

To sit and just be 

With oneself

To let all the dust settle 

And see 1) you are enough and 

  1. you/ I am more than enough actually there is a spark of the divine at your/my centre – how amazing is that!
  2. Not always able to manifest that 
  3. But that is what is moving me and you.

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