September Almanac

Blackberry season before Equinox

Month of long shadows. In Anglo-Saxon Haligmonath – Holy month

1st September – Start of Meteorological Autumn based on the temperature cycle

8th Bái lù – White dew chinese lunisolar calendar

11th Rastafarian New Year

15th New Moon in Virgo

15th Jewish NewYear Rosh Hashanah starts the 10 High Holidays known as the Days of Awe ending with the Day of Atonment Yom Kippur

21st International Peace day

23rd Autumn Equinox – Mabon – also known as Alban Elfed by the druids – is the start of astronomical autumn based on the position of the earth into the sun.
And the Sun moves into Libra

Qiū fēn Autumn divide chinese lunisolar calendar

Sunset 24th- sunset 25th Yom Kippur – holiest day of the Jewish calendar The day of atonement involves reflecting on last mistakes and asking God for forgiveness.

29th Harvest Full Moon in Aries Harvest moon is the full moon closest to Mabon named partly because it rises shortly after the sun sets allowing farmers further light to harvest the bounty of this time of year.

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