Sparrows Squabble

Sparrow squabble, 
Flex and fight,
Sounding my call to prayer.
It’s chillier today 
The honeysuckle sprawls it’s canopy above me.
The neighbours shout greetings.
The foxgloves buds gently part, hinting at the pinkness they promise
And the strawberries hold their first fruits high above a sea of marjoram.
The sun, still trying to peep through, warms my neck and shoulders.
The birds calm and settle, trilling more softly 
The wind brushes through the abundance of greenery about me.
The dark pink dogroses bob above the softer pink aliums 
Which are standing tall, their heads floating on their thin green stalks, 
While the palest fuchsia fairies dance in the breeze.
As I make make my way up to empty the compost 
The willow’s furry catkin caterpillars cover the grass.  
and I disappear for an hour (or so) weeding the vegetables.

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