Spring Equinox


Sandra Ingerman

All spiritual tradition hold same belief that

Before anything manifests in the physical world, it has to start first in the unseen worlds as an intention.

The intention creates everything that we’re seeing in the world right now.

So let’s start working in the unseen worlds and start planting the right seeds as we welcome in the equinox.

Do a ceremony to welcome in equinox 

using an intention that We are going to Stand up in our spiritual strength 

and being really strong links with each other 

and plant a new world garden 

One that will grow into one of peace, love, beauty, light, kindness, honour & respect for all of life 

In the wind work this horizontal access that equinox holds, the sun rising & setting is More of a balance of our consensual agreement wherever in world this balancing axis, is the place where we meet between the sun rising and setting we can really harmonise. So the seeds being harvesting in southern hemisphere, Are ones we’re planting in northern hemisphere.

Hold onto fact society is not teaching us that everything that manifests in physical world, starts in unseen realms, so need to change our way of thinking, living and working, we have to change everything including how we dream!

Dream about how everything is falling apart and guess what you start feeding everyone’s dreams about how the world is falling apart and hey presto

So if you want to change you have to change what’s happening in your dreams

And dreams means your thoughts and words you use that is part of the intention that goes up into the unseen realms and manifests down on earth. And your thoughts and daydreams they all set the intention for what you’re calling in!

And lead to particular outcome for yourself and all of life! So don’t give up too easily and get caught up in the drama!

Ask – what are you giving breath to? Form follows thought

so what are you spending your time doing? What are you giving attention to

Have you got space to listen & hear what spirit is telling you?

how do I want to live in the world? What is the world I want to create? Be clear on that

what seeds am I sowing?

Ingermans book Medicine for the earth 

So if you use the metaphor that your inner world is an inner garden

Shamans are gardeners of energy

look at you inner garden – what seeds have you planted there?

love presence awareness joy kindness

Have you planted scarcity fear division or love wanting to find inner peace 

What do you want to grow?

Then group journey to world garden

Where we take every tool we have 

And start planting world garden 

Start outer work 

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