St.Lawrence’s Day

This part of the world in August is quiet.
with the birds still in molt.
but the trees, lush and verdant,
still attest to the vitality of life
pulsing through them.
And there is still heat in the sun
when the clouds scud out of its way.
The breeze rustles through the trees.
And I hear the bounce of a plum dropping.
A million plums have ripened overnight
and the apples are beginning to blush.
The grass beneath the soles of my feet is warm,
wet from the recent rain
but warm.
I catch glimpses of an iridescent beetle
scuttling about its business.

The 3 o’clock shadows
at this time of year,
stretch across the garden.
I chase a little patch of sunlight
for my daily dose of vitamin D,
it warms and softens my belly and heart.

The sky is awesome.
who needs to go into space
And look back on Earth,
to experience this sense of awe and wonder,

when you can simply lie with your back to the earth
And your eyes wide open.

“Fair weather on St. Lawrence’s Day presages a fair autumn”.
It is a fair day.

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