Taurus Season

Taurus season from April 20 to May 20 “Invites us to slow down and feel the ground beneath our feet.”
Mmmmm… Taurus season begins today It’s a WOW month! Here is life again exploding in every direction, after the long winter abundance is everywhere.

At this moment, the increasing light is beginning to be felt in the returning warmth and our muscles can start to soften in the sun, and relax. We made it through the winter and the easier days of summer
stretch out ahead of us.

After the big rush and push of fast, fiery Aries energy, Earthy Taurus reminds us to to slow down and smell the roses. The yin energy enables us to slow down, to pause, take a deep breath, connect to all our senses, feel the ground beneath our feet and arrive right here right now in this moment, fully present and grounded and notice and appreciate where we are in life.

As the days get longer, green shoots grow taller and flowers begin to bloom, we are surrounded by green meadows and blue skies, as mother nature brings forth her abundance.

Ruled by Venus, planet of love and relationships, Taurus allows us to reconnect to the sensual and soak/bathe in all the beauty. The slow sensuality takes its time to really feel everything and enjoy the pleasures of being alive, inner peace, loyalty, outer security, and material stability get sensual, go deeper into your body, connect with the earth, eat delicious foods, dance, make love… Bare feet on the grass practice. Turn to nature for your stability.  Spread your root system soak up the nutrients from the soil and unfurl your leaves and petals to the sun

Summer is arriving and the living is easy   Surrounded by everything that helps us feel secure and comfortable, we can tune into all that we love and are truly grateful for.

As all this relaxation pushes us to reconsider everything we’ve got going on, mulling over what we can do to change anything stressful. It could be as simple as getting more organized, or as major as finding a new job, purging people from your inner circle who don’t belong there anymore and focusing on having a more positive attitude toward your body, considering what we can do to feel even better in our own skin.

Taurus bull has a powerful & potent stamina behind it, enabling us to establish solid roots at this fertile time, with a practical plan to create and cultivate more abundance, comfort and security..  Fixed earth likes to keep things steady, permanent.
Practice grounding activities from Moon Phase Studios
Connect to the natural world, spend some time in nature, take your shoes off and stand barefoot on the earth, or give your garden some love.
Stop to smell the roses
Avoid cramming your schedule and take time to be present and appreciate the simple things in life. Enjoy sensory experiences make the most of activities that bring you pleasure such as listening to music, cooking a delicious meal and creating art.
Create stability do you need more structure in your world?
Form a practical plan can help you to feel more rooted and establish a solid base to build from.
Review your finances take practical matters in hand to create secure foundations

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