The new moon

The Aries New Moon

and the Zodiac cycle begins again.

I cross the threshold of life

into menopause officianale

It is such a day of transitions

with wild winds

and a battle raging between winter snow showers

and warm summer sunshine.

The spikey plant, whats left of it, shudders

in the blustery gusterly

A tiny wren is buffeted across the garden

to the relative shelter of the weeping pine.

The sky darkens once more

the snow comes

soft, fat flakes this time

against the backdrop of the huge conifer branches

agitated lime-tipped fronds

tousled to and fro.

More giant flakes of snow

The cold creeps under a blanket into my toes

Winter is not releasing its grip so easily this year.

The wind whistles through and around the house

whipping any residue of warmth away with it.

The snow ebbs

and flows

and then stops

The wind drops

the cloud lightens

the sky brightens

Blue sky with cottonwool puffs of cloud sliding, gliding.

Shadows skid across the earth

And the sun breaks through again.

Such an inbetween time

the jostling for dominance of the seasons

comings and goings

waxing and wanings

A new crescent moon

will be sought out tomorrow

marking initiating the start of Ramadan

the fast will begin

And with christians in lent

eyes, east and west, will be on God

resisting temptation.

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