“Why are you being a bystander in your own life, you should be playing a starring role. “ Tracey Edwards
“Not knowing where you are can have a massive effect on your headspace.
People when they’re lost can go into a flat spin.
When you’re wondering where you are, you need to work it out quickly just to keep yourself in a good space. “ Jason Fox
“You need to centre yourself before you can move forwards.” Tracey Edwards


Amy Cuddy in her book Presence, says

reaffirm the parts of our authentic best selves we value most. it’s about reminding ourselves what matters most to us and, by extension, who we are. In effect, it’s a way of grounding ourselves in the truth of our own stories. It makes us feel less dependent on the approval of others.

Reacquaint yourself with your core values
What three words best describe you as an individual? •​What is unique about you that leads to your happiest times and best performance? •​Reflect on a specific time when you were acting in a way that felt “natural” and “right.” How can you repeat that behavior today? •​What are your signature strengths and how can you use them?

Examining a list of common core values — for example, family, friends, health and fitness, creativity, working hard, professional success, religion, kindness, serving others, choose the one or two that are most central to you identity — those closest to the core of who they are. Then write a short essay about why those values are important to them and a particular time when they proved to be important. reminding themselves of their most valued strengths

Your boldest self emerges through the experience of having full access to your values, traits, and strengths and knowing that you can autonomously and sincerely express them through your actions and interactions. That is what it means to believe in your own story. In essence, self-affirmation is the practice of clarifying your story to yourself, allowing you to trust that who you are will come through naturally in what you say and do.

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