Wesak – Buddha’s birthday

On this day, devotees honor the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha. The celebration includes practices of Giving, Virtue, and Cultivation, as well as “the doing of good and meritorious deeds.” 

THE ANCIENT TRADITION of Wesak has gained additional layers of meaning in esoteric societies. The website of the Lucis Trust (established by theosophy teacher and writer Alice Bailey) explains:  “Wesak is the high point of the spiritual year, when the forces of enlightenment flow from the higher worlds into the mind of humanity. At the exact moment of the Taurus Full Moon, the Buddha is said to return momentarily to Earth, appearing to those gathered in a secluded valley in the Himalayas … The Christ stands before the Buddha and, in a moment brimming with vitality and significance, receives the Buddha’s blessing on behalf of humanity, before turning and radiating this blessing out to the assembled gathering and to all human beings.”

from Pam Younghans weekly Northpoint astrology journal

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