Where I come from……

Hot nights & Fig leaves

I come from the stars,
I come from a Mars.
travelling through space and time.
towing the line.
walking out of line
Leading a wonky dance
Eat you heart out Max Wall.
Don’t follow me!!!
But Then maybe do follow me.
You hear words
of voices long stifled
and you find your camel.
The one you didn’t know you had lost
and the camel can carry you back through the desert
to the land of your fathers
and your mothers.
The land of Temples and tales told in tents
hot sun, mirages and oases.
Watering holes to quench your thirst on the journey.

Maybe it doesn’t actually matter where I came from.
Maybe what’s important is where I’m going to ?
Maybe they’re one and the same?

Coming home whole
singing the song of my soul.
Singing loud from my rooftop
Joining with all the other voices
Singing loud and clear
The hymn of my heart
The song of home
Calling all the others home.
Calling them to prayer
To this moment
we are living
right here, right now.
awake, aware, alert and alive.
Surrounded by all this beauty and magic,
ugliness and pain.
Called in this moment to action
Our duty to rebel
In order to protect all that is precious
and of which, we are custodians.

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