Wind and light

“Both light and shadow are the dance of love” Rumi

Gemini New Moon Heart journey.
Furry fledglings appear. Furry feather balls in the guise of
sparrow, owl and woodpecker chicks
Saturday. Vertical rain and a headache.
The sky is fast today,
wind chasing the clouds along.
The sun breaks through momentarily,
bouncing light off of my bathwater
projecting a magical play of light onto the wall of the room.
Wild wind blustering,
birds buffeted,
Shimmering, glimmering,
Light flickering,
Then gone.
Clouds race hard, driven on by the wind,
tracing shadow theatre across the blinds.
The tall shards of the orchids leaves
Strobe as pages of a flip book animation,
Until a blanket of cloud draws the curtain over the performance.
The orchid is in flower.

I yearn to speak my truth.
To give myself entirely to this endeavour
just having been kept for it for a couple of days has troubled me.
when I am kept away, I am bereft.
There is not enough time, if I do nothing else.
How can there be time then, when other things take me away for it?
whatever it is

Just a day our of the garden and the foxgloves are open.
Venus and Athena, not Aphrodite.
Green heart chakra. Dragons.
My heart aches, aches for connection and recognition
Love, pain, joy, anger, tears, frustration
Bonhoeffer said the new words would be here in his nephews lifetime
The pearl of great price, the treasure hidden in Thomas’ bright field
poets, storytellers, philosophers, preachers, teachers, tellers of tales, songwriters

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