6 planets retrograde August 28th – September 16th – 7 on September 4th

Reflect, Reassess, Redream

At very least, from now until the new moon rises in Virgo

  • Venus Retrograde: From July 23th to September 4th
  • Mercury Retrograde: From August 24th to September 16th
  • Pluto Retrograde: From May 11th to October 22th
  • Saturn Retrograde: From June 18th to November 4th
  • Neptune Retrograde: From July 1st to December 6th
  • Jupiter Retrograde: From September 4th to December 31th
  • Uranus Retrograde: From August 29th to January 27th

How well has this year worked out?

If, as is said, there are no failures, only successes and learning opportunities. What have I learnt this year while the planets were direct ?

Would I take the same course of action again or do I have a different perspective now?

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