African World Heritage Day – Adverse Camber

Through this project Adverse Camber have been learning how storytelling can best serve the people and lands experiencing the worst impacts of climate crisis in the border territories of the Horn of Africa. We sent storytellers John Mukeni Namai and Mara Menzies on a field trip to Northern Kenya and they with our partners and UK storyteller activists Cath Heinemeyer and Hannah McDowall have created two podcasts – The Storytellers Podcast and Listening to the Rainmakers, from their learning experience.The Storytelling Podcasts

The Storytelling Podcast is a creative reflection on the field trip, and Listening to the Rainmakers, a series of 8 episodes, shares voices recorded on the field trip and in conversation. These podcasts, edited by Chris Gregory of Alternative Stories and Fake Realities podcasts, and a series of three webinars will be available from 10 May. 

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Want to know more about the project and the process?
As well as the podcasts being available, we will be running three webinars:

Storying Our Futures Launch Event 
Wednesday 10 May 2023
Free – book your space

Storying Our Futures – Climate Justice: Creative Space for Storytellers 
Friday 12 May 2023
£10 North Global | Free South Global – book your space


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