Roots of divinity

Unity, Union, unseperated 1. सुरभी f.  surabhIfearofgod2. सुरभूय n.  surabhUyabecomingadeity3. सुरभवन n.  surabhavanagod’sabode4. सुरभाव m.  surabhAvadignityofagod5. सुरभीगोत्र n.  surabhIgotra  raceofsurabhI5. असुर adj. asura divine6. असुर्य adj.  asuryadivine7. दिव्य adj.  divya  divine I know i’m asking a difficult question and i guess i’ll get no answer. Anyway…It’s easy to notice Sur being root in all of these Sanskrit examples. Except for all of the English translations Read more about Roots of divinity[…]

A found lament

<a href=””>Tissues by Pan Daijing</a> Late junction – a found lament Movement is a blessing bestowed on very few of gods creatures  Blessed are those who have the courage to uproot themselves and move To move the enquiry on Not just continue in parents footsteps but to question and decide what that generation have Read more about A found lament[…]

Sell cleverness and buy bewilderment – Rumi

World of Wisdom – bbc world service Bewilderment There are many guises for intelligence.One part of you is gliding in a high windstream,while your more ordinary notionstake little steps and peck at the ground. Conventional knowledge is death to our souls,and it is not really ours. It is laid on.Yet we keep saying we Read more about Sell cleverness and buy bewilderment – Rumi[…]

January 4th

John O’DonohueJanuary 1, 1956 – January 4, 2008 By Pat O’Donohue(John’s brother, on behalf of the O’Donohue family) On this 14th anniversary of John O’Donohue’s death, we give thanks for the wonderful gift his life was and still is for us. We take solace in his beautifully crafted wisdom, ‘May you know that absence is Read more about January 4th[…]