Cacao journey Enter the Lion

A lion meets me, he is the sun and compassion and power. We don’t leave the garden. Instead, we walk back to our fire circle and I sit in the centre in the ashes of the fire. The moon fills my entire body and as I expand her silvery light flows around every cell in my body. The moon gives me a gold earring of the sun (that was a gift from my parents as a teenager). As I leave the fire circle, there IS my tree! My feet mingle with her roots as I hug my body against her trunk and I am so flooded with love received. The tree gives me a moon pendant (which I have also already owned). This garden is our future. Write. The time of gurus is past, now is the time to trust your gut, your own intuition.

13th May – 25th June Venus Retrograde

Listen to your heart, weigh things up and take time to evaluate. If you are called t stand your ground, connect with the lioness within and be true to your authentic self.

From the art of manifestation Astro-moon diary by Jenny Florence

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