Sagittarius Full Moon. Partial eclipse

Rebekah Shamans Lunascope

Dear Lunascopers
What a year it’s been so far. With every moon, it just gets more intense, as we head deeper into 2020. The last Gemini new moon removed the veils of illusion, so we can start seeing the smokes and mirrors within our political, economic and societal structures.

As the world starts moving again, we are reaching the Sagittarius full moon partial eclipse on Friday, and the first of three eclipses coming up this month. This is going to illuminate even more upheaval of the status quo, both personally and collectively.

To add to the chaos Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde for the second time this year, on June 18th, slowing everything down and giving us a pause to stop and survey the new landscape.

However, feelings will be heightened, and it can be very easy to be misunderstood over this period. Beware getting sucked into an argument, or disagreement, that ends up throwing petrol on you and others, igniting a huge fire where everyone gets burned.

With four major planets still in retrograde, and the eclipse season intensifying the already tense energy on the planet, things are going to get turbulent. We have come to the fork in the road, as we face some profound choices, both as a species, and individually.

As our structures and systems start collapsing, we are heading into uncharted waters, and many of us are still working out what that means, and how we will navigate the coming months.

We are already seeing unrest around the world, as the veil of illusion is ripped away, and the real division between authority and society is revealed. We can no longer pretend that those in power are benevolent and compassionate. As the power structures crumble, each one of us will need to decide where our true power lies, and how much of it we give away.

Sagittarius’s’ ruling planet, Jupiter, helps us to see the truth, instead of blindly accepting what we are told. It’s conjunction with Pluto, the planet of transformation, means we can no longer remain with our heads in the sand. This is enabling us to make more informed and clearer decisions that may be painful, but also liberating.

Over the next two weeks we are being forced to expand our vision, rather than stay stuck in a rut, and decide whether we become a victim, feeling helpless and powerless, or see beyond the illusion to where the real power lies.

This eclipse will also continue to illuminate where our belief systems no longer make sense in this new landscape, creating confusion and fear. The key to this Sagittarius full moon, therefore, is to follow your truth and intuition.

If you have been feeling scared, fearful and anxious of the future, this Sagittarius full moon eclipse is a great opportunity to reignite your trust in nature. Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur, a half human and half animal, reminding us that we are a part of nature, not apart from it, and to trust our instincts.

Listen to your gut feeling, trusting that it is guiding you on the right path and connecting you to the right people. As we head into an unstable and turbulent future, it is important to take each step mindfully, and intuitively, so that you can avoid any hidden pitfalls.

We cannot control the external world, but we can control our own inner world. Use the energy of this Sagittarius full moon to set a clear intention, and then let your arrow fly to its target, trusting that your bow and arrow, the wind, and your skills, talents, and gifts will lead you to the balls eye.

At the Gemini New Moon online ceremony, I got a strong message from the Moon that I was to continue doing my online Moon Ceremonies. When it gets challenging to navigate what’s coming next, these moon ceremonies are a great opportunity to dive deep within, and use the Lunar energies to find balance, guidance and clarity.

When we are in tune with the Moon, we are more in tune with the natural rhythms and flows of life, and they become easier to navigate and understand. Join me on Friday night for a powerful Sagittarius full moon ceremony to help us through these turbulent times.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of William James:
“The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds.”
All my love and blessings
from the urban jungle
Rebekah Shaman xxx
The key this moon is to dance, dance, dance! Dance it all out; the frustrations, the restlessness, the joy, the pain, the anger, and the love. When we dance we release the tension in our muscles, silence the mind and let our bodies do the expressing, which is very liberating when what we are going through can be unexpressionable.

If you don’t like dancing, do some cardiovascular exercise over this full moon. The energy is going to be intense and if you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, it’s always best to work it out. Go for a hike, run, or cycle in nature, take a picnic and make a day of it. Have some fun, and enjoy all the simple blessings that we may be forgetting in the chaos.
If it is a clear night go outside into the night sky, and take a ‘moonbath’.  Feel the silver rays of the Sagittarius full moon caressing your body, and seeping into your bones, nourishing you and flooding you with positive energy. Become aware of the expanse of sky above you and take yourself on a journey into the outer regions of space. Allow your mind to expand and travel into the huge vastness of the universe. Recognise the limitless, endless potential of space, while feeling safe and secure with your feet planted firmly on Mother Earth.
Ask the moon for any advice that can help you on your path, and in the silence open your heart and ears to the answer. You may receive subtle signs and messages to do something, call someone, send an email, or take action. It is your intuition prompting you to follow your dreams.

The planets are here to help us realise our true potential and intentions, even when we consciously do not know what they are. Let go of specific outcomes, trust yourself, as fully as you can, and let your arrow fly to it’s destination.
Expand your horizons and book yourself on a course, workshop or online event that sparks your interest, creativity and passion. Do something different where you will meet like-minded people and connect you to those you may not meet in your every day life.

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